Meat Processing

Meat processing is done according to your own needs. We offer a wide variety of products for you to choose from. All processed products such as Boerewors are charged on the final product weight with skins, pork, fat and spices included.

Please Note
  • 1 kg venison makes roughly 1.6kg Boerewors.
  • 1 kg venison makes roughly 1.4 kg wet droe wors or braaiwors.

Price List

Basic Stripping and Working Pigs
R 5.90
R 8.40
Chilli Bite   R 6.90
Biltong   R 5.65
Boerewors ( Add Pork/Spek/Brisket)   R 25.80
Braai wors (Add Spek/Brisket Only)   R 15.20
Smokey Cheese Sausage   R 28.90
Droee Wors   R 25.70
Patties   R 28.50
Sosatie ( use 6.5kg blocks)   R 385.00
Products exchanged    
Kasegriller Per KG Fresh Product   R 44.00
Cabanossi Per KG Fresh Product   R 36.00
Russian Per KG Fresh Product   R 37.00
Salami Per KG Fresh Product   R 39.00
Drying of meat per KG   R 4.20
Pack and Vac per kg   R 1.95
Skinning of animals Small
R 44.00
R 88.00
Packing Bones per kg   R 0.60